S Network Calls

Metric and Ad Call (Network Call) – One of the biggest advantages of using Sareyana framework is the automation code being local and not in the cloud which will provide all the flexibility needed for network testing.. Sareyana framework is integrated with Charles/Fiddler to capture network traffic including advertising and metric calls. This works on both regular browser and mobile (both app and browser) devices and iOS simulator/android emulator.

Network testing can be done in 2 ways –
Method 1 is using the Web browser and Charles and
Method 2 is completely in the background

  • For method 1, Charles is not an open source and has to purchased separately. Single license cost about $50 and site license cost about $400. (http://www.charlesproxy.com/buy/)
  • For method 2, threading is a powerful feature that can save lot of time by splitting the test case into different threads. The input file for this can either passed as a text file or excel file.
  • Both methods can track any type of ad (ads), metric call (std), ssl or any calls can be captured using this framework
  • Method 1 writes all output calls directly to an excel file. Method 2 writes all output calls to a text file during execution and finally converts to an excel file after execution.