S Browser

Regular Browser – Currently we support Chrome, Firefox and IE Browser. The framework is written in Java and uses selenium API. We list all the actions needed in a simple dropdown in the spreadsheet.
Support will be provided to run in Mac and Windows. Contact info@sareyana after downloading trial version if you need help with the set up. We will provide you an expert automation engineer to walk you through the process and execute your tests.

Mobile Browser – Currently we support mobile browser testing on Android and iOS emulator and devices. The mobile component is integrated in the Sareyana framework through Appium.

  • Currently will run in actual device and iOS Simulators/Android Emulators
  • Mac machine will support both iOS and Android devices/simulators
  • Windows machine will only support Android devices/simulators
  • Install chrome app on devices and iOS Simulators/Android Emulator
Android Browser
iOS Browser – iPad Retina
iOS Browser – iPhone6