System Requirements –

  • Framework only supports Java version – 1.7 jdk or later. (
  • Install Microsoft Excel (2007 or later) if you want to add or edit the script. For running/executing script, excel is not a requirement as the framework works from the excel api.
  • Any mac machine can support both iOS and Android whereas Windows machine can support only Android
  • Intel Processor is a requirement to load Android Emulator Faster although the framework will run on any machine. The main advantage with intel machine
  • iOS device testing for app needs an ipa file and should be provisioned using developer provision profile. Testing on iOS simulator needs an app file which is usually in the debug folder.
  • Android device or emulator works with apk files. There is no restriction on how android automation works.
  • How to run the automation –

    • Trial version will run all automation for 30 days
    • Unzip the files anywhere to the harddrive
    • You can also run the automation thru ant command in both mac and windows. Once ant is installed, run this command from the project folder path in the terminal without quotes – “ant run”
    • In windows, you can run the automation by clicking the batch file that is on root folder.

    The automation should start with the default settings. By default, the android and iOS tescase sample testcase is disabled in the suite.xls. It will run a simple script that will navigate to It will also run all restful service and network testing.

    Installation Guide with links to third party tools

    Troubleshooting – included in FAQ

    Links to Open Source and third party licensed Tools –