SAREYANA FRAMEWORK – Automate any tests (No coding experience needed to automate) Currently supports – Regular Browser, iOS App & iOS Browser, Android App & Android Browser).

Sareyana framework is written in Java and uses mostly open source tools like selenium and POI API. We also use some commercial products like Jira and Charles for integrations. For mobile (iOS and Android), browser and apps (both native and hybrid), the framework is integrated with appium java clients. Writing testcase is simplified and consistent format across our products.

Common features for all Sareyana Test Automation products –

  • No coding needed. Each test step in a test script is written as a new row in excel.
  • All actions (keywords) and Browser/simulator/device can be selected from a drop down list which avoids errors and there is no need to memorize automation keywords
  • Each module will have it’s own Object repository and configuration file
  • Object locator based on ID, name, class and xpath in automation can also be directly called through the spreadsheet
  • Data for the automation can be passed from many sources – directly from spreadsheet, configuration files and from database (currently supports – oracle, mysql and mongo db)
  • Continuous integration tools like Jenkins and uDeploy can be integrated with Sareyana framework.
  • Test case management tools like Jira/Zephyr can be integrated
  • Database testing and validation is included. Currently we support oracle, mysql and mongo validations.
  • Results from all test runs can be backed up based on your configuration settings
  • Emailing results with an html link and a zipped file is also included in the framework
Free 30 Day Trial versions for all products
S Browser S Mobile S Network Calls S Web Services S Backend Sareyana Full Suite
All types of code base – Java/PHP/Python $749.00 Renewal IOS / Android Simulator $1999 Renewal Charles Fiddler REST Services Threading (optional) $150 renewal ORACLE, MYSQL, MONGO $199 Renewal Full Automation Framework that supports Maintenance included 1 year Upgrades for Free with annual renewal fees.
Dojo based framework $499.99 / year IOS/Android Device IOS/Android Device API Testing Database Validations
All types of Browsers Mobile Browser Native Application Advertising Calls $999.99 renewal
$999.99 $2999.99 $1449 $250 $299 $6999.99
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